The Ultimate Low Budget AMD Gaming PC Build

Today we will be talking about a low-priced or low-cost budget builds, for around £500. So keep reading, we will be posting an Intel Gaming PC Build as well. Now I said around £500, its very difficult to get an Intel build for the same price as an AMD gaming PC build but we did our best.

Let’s talk about the AMD Gaming PC build

This AMD build has a twist because we are using an AMD Athlon x4. Although it is an older architecture AMD has updated it to use the AM4 socket and added support for Dual channel DDR4. This is really good for AMD because it adds forward compatibility for older generation AMD CPUs. Where with Intel they do not do anything like this. Once they change architecture and socket, there is no forward compatibility. That’s it, a dead end. If you add $48 to this build you could upgrade from the AMD Athlon, to an AMD Ryzen 3 1200.

The end Result

The AMD system holds up to modern games quite well. In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon on Low settings, we were getting over 60 Frames per second. Rise of the Tomb Raider on low, however, struggled to keep 50FPS peaking at 51.4 FPS. World of Warcraft was reporting 100FPS, however, there was noticeable stuttering and we couldn’t figure that out.



The newest game in our tests is Playerunkowns Battlegrounds, We were getting a wide range of FPS starting from 30FPS up to 55FPS. In some instances of over 60 if you were in place with not a lot of clutter.


The thing that is kind of frustrating about doing budget builds like this is. No matter what price point you pick you are always going to get people who say “Just save up a little more and get this.”. The Athlon is a really good bargain, but the Ryzen is a better performer, and it should be because of its a newer architecture.

AMD System Rating

Athlon X4 950
Gigabyte GA-A320M
Ballistix 8gb DDR4
MasterWatt Lite 500W
Samgung 850 Evo
Final Thoughts

If $500 is all you can spend on a system and you can not budge from that price point. This system will absolutely provide you with a good user experience.

Overall Score 3.3 AMD