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hot girl upgraded your ram

hot girl upgraded your ram

It happens in data centers all over the world every day. The day arrives two years after the purchase and the lease is up on the hosting equipment.

The hardware

Now you and I know that the equipment is still good and it had been maintained in a way befitting a prized possession, in climate controlled, dust free secure environment, but the corporate brass are convinced that it getting old and will break if they don’t spend the money, which is already in the budget, and gets new hardware.

The data center staff calls Dell and places the order. When it comes in dutifully replace all of the “old servers” with the new.

The old servers are then sold off to whoever will have them. Usually a liquidator, who just wants to make some money in the process. They may get 400 servers in a week and need to get rid of all of them. They do this all over the internet and in the business community . . . and it’s a hard sell.

Let’s just say you are an IT guy and you run a small shop of 25 users. Once every 5 years, or when the boss decides it’s slow enough, you get to bet the next 5 years and your reputation behind the pocket protector on used equipment?? Hell no – go for new – go fast – go for redundant. We agree on two out of three of these.

Starting at the end – where most techs look first because it’s always in the last place you look –

Go redundant! YES. How much more redundant can you be if your hardware budget goes 10 to 20 times further than it would have? No exaggeration. I have purchased Quad core Xeon 1Us for $50 each – You could buy 20 used for what one new will cost you.

Go for Fast! Yes, Small business server sucks. Because it tried to do too much on one platform. If the hardware is cheap enough you can get many different platforms and segment out the apps – You still have to buy software – look for server deals with a COA – Certificate of authenticity. It’s licensing that transfers with the server hardware.

Go for New! No, Why bother? The last 3 out of 5 years you have a server are just as productive as the rest and with the money, you save you can buy more off lease hardware.

This page is to talk about the joys of data dumpster diving – have fun, save money and don’t drop any screws on the Motherboard.