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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X The $550 Beast

We have known about AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper for some time now, But AMD seems hell bent on spoon feeding us information once every few weeks or so. It starts at computex, AMD wowed the public with some menacing looking X399 motherboards and they announced that the CPUs would pack an insane 64 PCI-e lanes. Unheard of for a desktop processor even an extreme edition Intel i7. At the time I also knew that there would be a 16 core 32 thread monster and that Quad-channel DDR4 memory would be supported.

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amd ryzen threadripper rollout schedule

amd ryzen threadripper rollout schedule

AMD released further details regarding the model now known as ThreadRipper 1900x. Today AMD’s let a few more details out of the bag, there are a few juicy details.

AMD started by saying Ryzen is seeing a return of innovation for high-performance PCs. The success of AMD Ryzen has allowed the company to increase their research and development budget. We will see innovation to continue and hopefully at an even faster rate. Let’s have a look at the Ryzen roadmap, we can see that once the full ThreadRipper lineup next week, All attention will turn to their mobile APUs in the 4th quarter of this year.We are also keen to check out the desktop APUs, but presumably, they will not be available until early 2018.

So we know ThreadRipper is a high-end desktop platform, offering greater memory support, bandwidth, and expansion. When compared to Intel’s Core-X range, ThreadRipper will be very competitive in terms of pricing. Nothing was really said about the 1900X. AMD did show that it would be an 8 core 16 thread processor. This is basically a Ryzen 7 CPU on the X399 platform with a few key upgrades. Like its bigger brothers, the 1900X will have Quad-channel memory support and 64 PCI-e lanes.

The 1900X will have a higher Base clock frequency of 3.8GHz with a 4.0GHz boost speed. It will cost you $550 which is obviously quite a hefty price premium over the base model Ryzen 7 1800. But you will be getting it on AMD flagship platform. When compared to the Intel i7 7820X both CPUs will have similar specs. But of course, the ThreadRipper with have 64 PCI-e lanes over the blue teams 48. It will also likely cost up to 10% less given the RRP.

AMD then moved on the show their superior performance per watt based on the blender application results. Based on their testing the 1900X was 24% faster than the core 7820X while drawing 2% less power from the wall. That is assuming they did use the same power supply for both systems. AMD says that there is a full eco-system of X399 motherboards at launch as well as a range of ThreadRipper Liquid and Air Cooling solutions to choose from. The AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs are massive so I wouldn’t try to stick just your average cooler on there.

Speaking of size

Some interesting information surfaced this week. The ThreadRipper CPU actually contains 4 physical dyes though 2 of them are disabled. These CPUs pack 2 Zeplin dyes. The EPYC chips, for example, contain 4 fully activated dyes, But like EPYC, ThreadRipper uses the same TR4 socket. The socket contains an incredible 4094 pins, so basically ThreadRipper is an EPYC CPU with 2 dyes instead of 4.